The Fundamentals of Floristry

An essential 20-week course for beginners seeking a thorough introduction to floral design, allowing you to have fun while learning basic floral knowledge and techniques, from flower care to intricate skills such as wiring.

Led by experienced instructor, students will get to create a scope of hand-tied and vase designs as well as more challenging floral pieces such as wreaths and flowers to wear.

This is a recurring course that takes place every Tuesday 19:30, new students are welcome to join us anytime.

Date and time: 19:30-21:30 every Tuesday
Instructor: Anita Li AIFD, Florence Ling AIFD
Maximum number of students: 4

Module 1

1. Flower box
2. Parallel design
3. Vertical design
4. Round design
5. Preserved flowers arrangement
6. Bouquet in bouquet holder
7. Seasonal wreath

Module 2

1. Floral crown
2. Hand tied bouquet
3. Floral handbag
4. Topiary tree
5. Vase arrangement
6. Horizontal design
7. Framing design

Module 3

1. Lush bouquet
2. Still life arrangement
3. Braiding design
4. Leafing design
5. Collar bouquet
6. Floral headpiece

$6000 per session

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