Flowers are a living piece of nature that need some essential hygiene practices to improve their vase life.

Generally we recommend the following

– Remove flowers from wrapping over the sink
– Cut the stems at a slant
– Add a drop of bleach or two to water in vase
– Change water and clean vase thoroughly every day
– Remove foliage below water
– Protect flowers from heat, frost and draughts
– Lily, Gloriosa and other pollen may stain. Carefully remove stamens from any newly opened flowers and avoid direct contact.If you get pollen on your clothes, use adhesive tape to remove by placing sticky side on top of stain and peel off
– Keep flowers out of reach of children and pets.
– The flowers/plant are for display only and must not be eaten

If your flowers are delivered as a bouquet

– Remove packaging over the sink and trim the stems with clean and sharp floral scissors at a slant to help the stems suck up water
– Place the flowers in a thoroughly cleaned vase that is half filled with a drop of bleach or two (except for flowers that need less water, such as tulips, calls lilies and ranunculuses)
– Remove any foliage below water as they will cause bacteria to grow in the water
– Display in a cool location away from heat and direct sunlight
– Remove any drooping flowers or foliage and re-cut the stems after 2-3 days

If your flowers are delivered as an arrangement in floral foam

– Add some water to the arrangement every 2-3 days
– Place a coaster or such under the container when placing on furniture in case of spills
– As buds deteriorate clip away to allow others to open
Remove any drooping flowers or foliage
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